Bigger pipeline = more money.

Adding mobile payments to your payment mix opens up a new world of opportunities. Since mobile payments on Zong convert at rates 10 times higher than traditional payment methods, more money comes through your funnel into your bottom line.

Conversion galore.

You've probably heard that carriers take a healthy cut of each transaction. However, with Zong's sky-high conversion rates, 70% on average (based on our exisiting customer implementations), you still come out ahead. Far ahead.

Revenue booster.

With Zong, your customers will have the option of linking a payment card to their Zong account – you’ll boost your revenue by enjoying the higher price points and lower transaction costs associated with card payments. 85% payout for a mobile payment? Heck yeah!

New paying customers.

There're 2 billion credit card holders but over 5 billion people with mobile phones. Adding Zong taps you into this huge market of customers that don't have payment cards or don't want to use them. Plus, we're live in over 40 countries, with 100% reach in nearly every country, so you go global with one integration. We're constantly adding new carriers, countries, and price points to help you capture new markets. You sit back and watch new revenue roll in.

Integration is a breeze.

It's super easy and straightforward to integrate with Zong. We do all the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on building great products and an awesome user experience. Compliance with mobile operator rules, currency conversion rates - Zong handles all that fun stuff so you don't have to.

We provide you with an XML feed of countries, price points, and a URL for each. Once your customer chooses a price, we take them through a streamlined payment flow and send the purchase information back to you. The payment flow is housed in a small iFrame window that you can embed in your site or open in a new window. All your transaction data is available 24/7 for browsing or number-crunching in our merchant console. Have a look at our integration guide for more (a lot more) detail.

When you succeed, so do we.

We don't charge any setup or monthly fees. We take a small transaction fee on every purchase, so we're just as interested in increasing your sales as you are. When your customers pay their phone bills every month, the carriers pay us and we pay you immediately.

Can't wait to use Zong?

Or learn a little about our massive global reach.