1-Touch PaymentsTM on Android

Attention Android developers! We’re bringing our industry leading mobile payments platform to Android, which means new and exciting revenue generating opportunities for your Android applications.

Monetize your Android apps

You want to maximize revenues from your apps through in-app purchases. Your customers just want to buy what they want without fumbling around with a credit card, or typing all that billing information with their thumbs. That’s where Zong comes in.

1-Touch Payment TM

With Zong, here’s what your customers do: click “Buy.” That’s it. Payments go to the customer’s phone bill, you easily monetize all your hard work, everyone wins. If you’d like to see how easy Zong’s payment system is, check out the demo video to the right.

Looking for great developers

We’re looking for great developers to work closely with us on the optimal purchase experience. If you’re interested in working with Zong, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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